23rd January, 2010

IDEA STAR SINGER 2007 – Asianet’s Reality Show ???

posted 4 years ago

Kudos to the team of IDEA STAR SINGER 2007, ASIANET and especially us for making this show the most popular show in Malayalam television. I have been watching this show since last 2 months only as I am in India at the moment for my holidays; My parents have been watching this show quite regularly from the beginning. Fortunately they don’t watch this show anymore after the last elimination round (Hesham and Amrutha Suresh)

One of the contestants in IDEA STAR SINGER 2007 Arun Gopan’s continuous escape from elimination rounds prompted me to write this. For me it all started in 11th Round when he scrapped through by eliminating Vijay Madhav who had secured more marks than him. I observed histrionic of host Ranjini Haridas by presenting memento and then withdrawing the same.

Similarly in the final elimination round Arun Gopan received least marks out of the 6 contestants. However he survives the elimination round once again in the name of SMS and 2 outstanding singer’s Hesham and Amrita Suresh were eliminated. I presume he is having godfathers in Asianet. The way things are going in ISS I won’t be surprised if he wins the IDEA STAR SINGER 2007.

Long live Arun Gopan, the great singer & ASIANET!!!!

My dad is the office bearer of Navi Mumbai cultural centre. I understand from my father and his friends that they hold the similar opinion. They informed me that it’s not the first time it’s happening in ISS; many talented contestants have gone out in the past due to Asianet’s favoritism and nepotism.

Now I know most of us would say who cares who wins this show. It’s a pity to see these contestants having to act/sing as if they don’t know anything about the results and the humility it would cause for some of the talented amongst them to see others who do not deserve wining the rounds.

I hope Asianet realizes we all are not dump & we know everything is fixed. It’s very clear that reality shows are like any other serials & there is nothing reality about it.

Whatever I have written about this show is a collective opinion of several individuals who I came across.

We can just hope 2008 IDEA STAR SINGER could eliminate this.

I would love to know what u guys think about this show .. be free to put ur comments [please note: comment link is just below the title of this post .. you just need to click on the link to submit your comment]


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